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About Syncopated Systems

The Syncopated Software Development Corporation is a Texas corporation doing business as Syncopated Systems.

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Syncopated was incorporated in 2004, following that year's closures of Austin's two largest game developers, Origin Systems and Acclaim Studios Austin. The later was formerly Iguana Entertainment, which Syncopated founder John R. Carlsen helped bootstrap in the early 1990s.

In 2006, the corporation adopted the name Syncopated Systems as it combined and continued the operations of Mr. Carlsen's prior ventures. Established in 1988 in Sunnyvale, California, Carlsen Electronic Research was a licensed developer of products for the Atari Portfolio and I.B.M. RS/6000 computer platforms and created networked multimedia touch screen kiosks and analyzed and created interfaces to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, enabling developers of games for that system. Starting in 1999 in Santa Clara, California, Carlsen Communications provided printed, video, and on-line communication services and related products.

Key Associates

John R. Carlsen

Syncopated founder John R. Carlsen has nearly 30 years experience analyzing circuits of computer systems ranging in size from video games to the world's first supercomputer.

Early in his career, Mr. Carlsen aided notable video game industry pioneers including Atari, the first successful video game company and former fastest-growing company in the history of American business, and Activision, the first third-party video game software developer. Separately and now nearly 20 years ago, Mr. Carlsen served as an engineering contractor to Atari's co-founder and prolific Silicon Valley entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, contributing to the design of the Aapps MicroTV computer video capture card and its recognition as the top product at the 1989 Boston MacWorld Expo.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Carlsen simultaneously contributed to the development of Media Vision's first products – including its Pro AudioSpectrum family of c.d.-quality computer sound cards – and created Iguana Entertainment's proprietary interoperable video game cross-development interfaces and software tools. In 1993, after participating in the Joint Venture: Silicon Valley area revitalization project, Mr. Carlsen helped relocate Iguana Entertainment to Austin, Texas, where it became the area's second-largest computer entertainment software developer before its 1995 merger with Acclaim Entertainment, then one of the world's largest video game publishers.

In the late 1990s, Mr. Carlsen applied his expertise in the electromechanical design of printed circuit boards toward the design and design automation of sub-micron integrated circuits for Altera, a leading global supplier of programmable logic devices and one of Silicon Valley's first fabless semiconductor companies. Afterward, Mr. Carlsen designed the world's smallest M.P.3 portable audio players for SigmaTel, which later enabled the smallest Apple iPod audio players.

Mr. Carlsen has completed more than 11 years of college education, having earned degrees in computer science and business management from Saint Edward's University in Austin, Texas, and five degrees and many certificates from De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

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